Perfect Choice funeral plans are only available from accredited funeral directors who are a member of the National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD). The NAFD is the country's leading funeral trade association, and their members conduct four out of every five funerals in the UK. Ecclesiastical Planning Services, as the provider of Perfect Choice Funeral Plans, is registered with the Funeral Planning Authority and the delivery of the funeral is covered by its Code of Practice.

Everyone's funeral requirements are different and the flexibility that Perfect Choice offers you ensures that your wishes are fully met. You can make changes to your plan at any time, but there may be more to pay if you add additional services and features.

Should you wish to receive information about our Perfect Choice Funeral Plans, please contact us by phone to arrange an appointment. The Perfect Choice Funeral Plan

The Perfect Choice Funeral Plan is tailored to your precise needs so that you do not pay for services that are not required. We can guide you through the paperwork, clearly explaining every stage.

The costs of a funeral can be simply divided into two sections. First, the funeral director's costs. These typically include the following:-

  • Removal of the deceased from the place of death within a 25 mile radius of Newry.

  • Hygienic preparation and dressing of the deceased in clothing of choice.

  • A coffin of your choice

  • Use of a rest room or conveyance of the remains to the family's home.

  • Use of the service room if required

  • Use of the hearse

  • All attendance and supervision from start to finish known as professional fees

A Perfect Choice Funeral Plan guarantees to cover the cost of our professional funeral directing services, as listed in the plan details, as long as we carry out your funeral and your requirements don’t change.

The second part of the costs relates to third parties with whom the funeral director will liaise during the course of the arrangements. These could be:-

  • The cemetery or crematorium of your choice

  • The minister or officiant of your choice

  • An organist

  • Grave diggers

  • Obituary notices

  • Flowers

  • Hire of cars

  • A contribution towards third party costs can be included in your funeral plan.

    If these costs, as listed in the plan details, are not covered by the plan value at the time of need, there may be a balance to pay.

    Terms and conditions apply to funeral plans – please ask for details.