When Someone Dies

At some stage during the course of our lives, we will encounter the task of making funeral arrangements for a loved one.

When someone dies, we can be contacted on our 24hr telephone number 028 30265108, where our experienced team of Funeral Directors will advise and guide you through the funeral process.

If someone dies in a hospital, hospice, care home or at home, medical Staff (or a family member if the death occurs at home) should promptly make contact with a doctor (or the Out of Hours GP). The doctor will be able to certify the death and allow for the completion of a Medical Certificate of Cause of Death (MCCD).

If someone dies as a result of a tragic accident or the death has been sudden and unexpected, it may be referred to the Northern Ireland Coroner's office for investigation. When this happens the Coroner's staff from Belfast may remove the deceased from the place of death to Belfast Royal City Mortuary. An examination may occur to determine the cause of death, this can usually delay the funeral process.